• Melview Red Tayla

    Tayla came to Melview as an embryo from Alberta

  • She is probably the most popular cow at Melview with all visitors
  • We have sold embryos from her in the UK, Italy and Ontario
  • We have several outstanding red daughters here at Melview
  • She is just fresh (May 17) with twin red heifer calves
  Sire: RED LODI PRINCE 2632 (SS) (IMP) #606216(RA)33
    RED JIL 2560 #483529(RA)
Animal: MELVIEW RED TAYLA J040 #UK311688 100040
    RED SSS MARQUIS 632F #851339(CA)
  Dam: RED CUMNOCK TRIXIE 196H (ET) (IMP) #980958(CA)33
    RED CUMNOCK TRIXIE 452B #769853(CA)